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Pre-Purchase Building and Pest Inspections

Q. How does the Inspection process work?

Organising an inspection is an easy process.

  1. First, you contact us at Home First Property Inspections to seek a quote and book the job.
  2. We send you an Inspection Booked Form to sign. As part of our undertaking to comply with the Australian Standards for building inspections (AS4349.12007) (Property Inspections-Residential buildings), it is important that our clients are made aware of the Scope and Limitations of our inspection.
  3. We will take the lead from there, liaising directly with your real estate agent on your behalf.
  4. Once a time has been settled with the Agent, I will contact you to advise when the inspection will take place.
  5. After the inspection, I will contact you for a verbal report of my findings.
  6. The report will be emailed to you or posted at your request.
  7. We will be available at anytime to answer your questions and explain things in more detail. Remember that I am working for you.

Q. The house inspection is extremely urgent, when can I get the inspection done?

If we are free, it can be organised immediately, even the same day provided we can gain access otherwise there is no reason it cannot be completed within 24hours.

Q. How do we arrange access to the property to get a building and pest inspection?

We organise an appointment for the building and pest inspection directly through the real estate agent and then contact you to advise when the inspection will take place.

Q. What happens if I need you to inspect more than one house?

At Home First Property Inspections, we can significantly discount the service depending on the number of properties that we inspect for you. Remember, the cost to rectify a property can be significant. Ensuring that the property is structurally sound or has termite damage before you buy is the smartest investment you could make.

Q. I’m thinking of asking my friend the builder to do the building inspection?

When you engage a friend for a favor, especially something as important as this and things go wrong, regrettably it can be the end a long term friendship.

Q. The house has a concrete slab and brick walls, why do I need a pest inspection?

Termites penetrate concrete slabs as easily as homes built on stumps. They enter through tiny cracks and pipe penetrations to reach timber framed walls and roof frames. Refer to the CSIRO Termite Report on Melbourne.

Q. Can I be onsite when the building inspection is taking place?

No problem, once the inspection is complete it’s a great opportunity to see firsthand any problems and rectification issues if found.

Q. What are your terms of trading?

Payment for an Inspection is due before the inspection takes place. You can make payment by Visa or MasterCard, Direct Debit, Cheque or Cash. Visit the Payments page for more information on how to make a payment.

Q. What is your company name?

Our company is called Home First Property Inspections.

Q. What qualifies you to do these inspections and provide reports?

This information is available on the About Inspections page.